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VR Porn Video of the Week #46: Fill Out Your Tax Return With Adira Allure Inside of 3D Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-12-03 04:54:19 If you are running a company on your own, then you definitely use the services of a professional accountant – these days it is basically a necessity that every entrepreneur must take care of. Problem is that even though these ladies are usually really professional and are helping your business a lot, their experience comes with age, so it is not as pleasant as it could be to cooperate with them. Fortunately, one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers – producers known worldwide for introduction of 6K ultra high definition standard to their virtual reality porn experiences – decided to change that in their latest high-quality VR porn scene called The Accountant.You see, fixing your tax return can be much more complicated tha... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #45: Go Crazy on Black Friday with VR Bangers’ Sexy Schoolgirls! Added: 2019-11-26 08:31:10 We know that every company in the world – and we literally mean them all, not only talking about the adult business brands – is somehow celebrating the Black Friday – the international feast of lowered prices and discounts during which you can indeed save some cash and do serious shopping. The point is that even though saving some money on new iPhone or TV is nice, paying less for porn is always something even more enjoyable – and one of premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers, are well aware of that.These award-winning makers of virtual reality porn videos have just announced that right now they are having a 2-weeks long spree of promotions and discounts on all their websites (meaning VRBangers.com with straight VR porn, VRBG... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #44: Uncover the Latest White House's Secret with Misha Cross! Added: 2019-11-19 09:56:39 We all like to know what is going on in the White House, but all the latest presidential affairs are usually kept in secret for many, many years and we find out about them decades after the end of the term of office of the given governor. Having that in mind, one of the premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers, have just recently released their latest VR porn scene with a similar theme – in The Contender, Misha Cross will be trying to spy on the president, yet she will be caught red-handed and...In this brand new VR porn video in 6K ultra high definition – resolution from which VR Bangers are known for and which is the highest available quality in VR porn experiences operated by the currently available technology – you will beco... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #43: Let Gianna Dior Guide You Through the Date Night – the Newest VR Bangers’ VR Porn Game! Added: 2019-11-12 03:24:28 Not too long ago, together with the introduction of their latest gaming division called VRB Games, VR Bangers – one of the best premium VR porn movies’ makers known worldwide for 6K ultra high definition virtual reality standard in their VR porn scenes – have also released their very first VR porn game called the Date Night. Today, to promote their latest game and to introduce it to their fans in a slightly different way, the producers have released their newest VR porn movie with the very same name – inside of which super-sexy Gianna Dior will show you how the game is meant to be played.Even though the Date Night is a straightforward “match three” adventure game – which difficulty only grows with late-game levels and is really ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #42: Your Wife Never Agreed to a Threesome? In Virtual Reality She Would! Added: 2019-11-05 07:26:10 There are only two types of guys: those who have never had a threesome, but have always wanted one, and those who have tried it in the past… and they would love to do that again! Even though getting a sexy three-way with your wife or girlfriend in the real life is not that easy, fortunately in porn everything becomes much easier – and especially in immersive VR porn videos produced by one of the best premium VR porn scenes’ makers, VR Bangers.In their latest VR porn movie called Personal ASSistant, you are going to become a husband of a professional VR porn star, Alexis Zara, who, for the needs of this virtual reality porn fantasy, will be extremely caring and understandable – looking after you so well that she will decide to hire you... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #41: VR Bangers Present: 4 Hot Adult Models in a VR Porn Movie to Celebrate the Halloween! Added: 2019-10-29 05:51:23 Only few days ago we told you that VR Bangers have started their $6.66 Halloween Special. Between October 25th and November 3rd on VRBangers.com, you can subscribe to these premium VR porn movies’ producers for just $6.66 for 15 days – or you can choose another option of membership in a discounted price, which applies to all websites within the VR Bangers’ network.When the makers have first announced their incoming Halloween promo, they have also mentioned that their new VR porn movie will be a part of this campaign – and here it is, as today the studio has released their newest super-scary Halloween VR porn scene!“STOLEN: The American Whore Story 1984” may sound like a total mystery to you – and, in fact, that is exactly what ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #40: Is It Dangerous to Have Sex With a Wife of a Russian Gangster? Yes, of Course – Unless You Are In Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-10-22 10:45:43 Have you ever been to Russia? And why would you even go there when in Europe there are many more interesting places to visit, such as France, Italy and/or Great Britain? And have you ever heard about the legendary beauty of Slav girls? VR Bangers – one of the best premium VR porn movies’ makers – are well-aware of that fact and they, from time to time, like to take advantage of that in one of their VR porn videos, inviting one of these beautiful eastern girls to star in their newest VR porn scene.In their latest VR porn movie called Eastern Promises – which name should arouse curiosity in you or may even give you some initial thoughts already – you are going to meet an adult model from across the ocean – a beautiful teen VR porn ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #39: Does Visiting a Doctor Have to Be Unpleasant? Not in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-10-14 13:23:47 It is right about this time of the year when everybody is getting sick, is not it? We are all sneezing, sniffing, coughing and can barely speak and sooner or later we need to agree with the truth that the cold will not heal itself and we need to go to a doctor. But no one likes visiting a doctor’s office, right? Well, one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, are willing to change that inside of their latest VR porn scene with incredibly beautiful ebony VR porn star, Cecilia Lion.The producers have come up with hundreds of different VR porn videos in their past and since all of their creations are original and one-of-a-kind, they try to cover as many sexual dreams of the members of their community as they only can, thus comi... Read More
Are You Cheating on Your Partner by Watching AR Porn? Added: 2019-10-10 05:42:54 Augmented reality porn offers erotic interactions with some ultra sexy girls. As you have a first-person line of sight, the experience can feel very realistic as though you're having sex with the girl in the scene. Because it can feel so real, it may feel like you're cheating on your other half. When the hot girl in the scene approaches you on your living-room couch. When she climbs on top of you and you see her tits bouncing directly in front of your face, it may seem so real that you begin to ask yourself, am I doing the dirty on my partner? Quick Answer to Your Question No, you're not cheating. The simple reason is the girl in the video is not real. As realistic is she may appear or the experience might seem, she is only a... Read More
ScandalPlanet - your best source for nude celebs and sex tapes Added: 2019-10-08 04:36:46 I was searching for some celebrity nudes the other day, just to see if that kick start my balls. And I ended up in a big forest of celebrity gossip websites. One site, in particular, made my day.And I got a big urge to share this experience with you. Whether you are just looking for nude celebs, sexy YouTubers, snapchat porn. Or you would just like to see some celebrity sex scene from your favorite movie. You will find all this and more at ScandalPlanet.comHere you place attached image with alt txt ScandalPlanet, your source for celeb porn, celebrity nudes and celebrity sex tapesI will start with my favorite part of the website. I could spend hours browsing all the nude celebssection. And I clearly see those guys who run this website love to talk dir... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #38: Bad Day? Have a Solid Laughter and an Even More Solid Boner with Demi Sutra in VR! Added: 2019-10-07 02:59:00 We all like to have a good, solid laugh from time to time – and especially when we have just had a really bad day, we feel like the world is undermining us and we could really use to let some of our steam off. Quality sex and sincere laugh are two of the best things that you could do to increase your endorphin levels and make yourself happier – and one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, have just combined these two things in their latest VR porn movie.You see, the producers believe that their VR porn videos could indeed serve a higher purpose and offer their fans with something more than just an enormous erection and orgasm – thus they like to, from time to time, create a VR porn scene that is meant to be something ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #36: Celebrate the Oktoberfest 2019 in BDSM Style and Meet a Sexy German Dominatrix in VR! Added: 2019-09-24 01:41:12 What comes to your head when you are thinking about the Oktoberfest? Beer, obviously – but what comes next? And what would you say for the BDSM-themed Oktoberfest in 2019? One of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers – the company known in the entire world for introducing their VR porn scenes in up to 6K ultra high definition virtual reality as the very first in the adult VR industry – have decided to celebrate this German festival of beer and sausages (or so-called “kielbasas”) in a little different “mood” this year – as inside of their latest VR porn video made for the Oktoberfest, the producers are going to introduce a true German dominatrix to all their fans!It is not over of the VR Bangers’ celebration for th... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #35: What Punishment Can You Face for Being an Unfaithful Boyfriend? Let Alina Belle Show You… Added: 2019-09-20 02:27:52 If you have ever cheated on your girlfriend, then you probably already know that in the real life, as soon as your GF finds out about you being unfaithful to her, she will most likely punish you for that and probably break up with you – which is definitely a quite unpleasant course of action. Fortunately, on VRBangers.com – website of one the premium VR porn movies’ makers known worldwide for producing their virtual reality porn scenes in up to 6K ultra high definition – everything is much, much easier, and even though today you will become a cheating boyfriend on behalf of these producers, you are only going to get rewarded for that – and it will be done by one of the hottest teen porn stars in the entire adult industry.For the ne... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #37: Ready for Even More Sexy Stockings? VR Bangers’ Lingerie Fashion Show Continues! Added: 2019-09-18 06:10:32 Have you seen the Fully Fashioned VR porn movie from VR Bangers – the one of a kind virtual reality porn experience being an immersive fashion show produced entirely for all the fans of sexy stockings and lingerie? These premium VR porn producers have just released the follow-up for this VR porn show, and even though the girl going through all these new super-hot panties has changed, it is not anything that you should be worried about – quite the contrary, actually.In the Fully Fashioned Part 2, these premium VR porn producers that introduced 6K ultra high definition standard to their virtual reality adult scenes as the very first in the entire porn industry, invited the super-hot Jillian Janson to keep on the Abby Lee Brazil’s work ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #34: Celebrate Your Birthday (Early or Not) With Two Super-hot Birthday Girls in VR! Added: 2019-09-09 12:05:49 Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday dear… wait, it is not your birthday today? Who cares! And certainly VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ producers known worldwide for introducing their virtual reality porn experiences in quality as high as 6K ultra high definition as the very first in the industry – do not, as they have just released their latest birthday-themed threesome VR porn video with not one but two incredibly hot professional VR porn stars!In the Birthday Girls – as this is the self-explanatory name of this latest VR porn video – you are about to have a blast in your birthday party ran by VR Bangers and two of super-hot adult models that you must have heard about in the past – Lac... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #33: Having Issues with Your Car Again? Isabelle Deltore Knows (Kind of) How To Fix Them… Added: 2019-09-05 11:00:13 Any professional drivers over here? NASCAR pros or maybe F1 enthusiasts…? No, you do not have to be one of them to at least once in your life have some issues with your car – and when your little four-wheeled baby is having ANY issues, then most of us will visit the nearest mechanic as soon as possible to make it “feel” better. VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn videos’ makers that are known for introducing ever new technologies to the virtual reality porn industry – apparently know something about that, as they have just released their latest VR porn scene called The Mechanic.What a professional VR porn movies’ producer and a car mechanic have in common? You will have to watch this brand new VR porn experience to find ou... Read More
Did VR porn help Trans porn and Gay porn to grow Added: 2019-08-30 05:21:15 Kinks and fetishes are personal to each and everyone. Just like every other personal choice, a person has a right to watch porn that suits them best. However, before VR porn, there wasn’t much hype surrounding transsexual and gay porn.Sure, there were a few boutique sites and Kink that produced content around it. But trans-male porn or trans-female porn were few in numbers, until VR porn brought it to limelight. And, hell is it shinning. All major VR porn sites have diversified into various niches, particularly according to teens, miles, trans, gay and female POV. Right now Wankz, VirtualRealPorn and VRBangers, all have their own trans VR porn site. VirtualRealPorn and VRBangers also have separate sites dedicated for gay porn.Though, some aspe... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #32: Your TV Isn’t Working Again? Perhaps The Cable Guy From VR Bangers Could Help You… Added: 2019-08-29 08:17:16 VR Bangers, the world-famous virtual reality porn movies’ makers – known globally for the introduction of 6K ultra high definition standard to their VR porn scenes as the very first in the adult entertainment – have just announced their latest VR porn video with this beautiful blonde VR porn star, the one that have more than one similarities with the Hollywood’s movie that you might have seen few years ago.The Cable Guy, which is the name of this latest VR porn video, is not the only resemblance to the aforementioned movie, as the plot inside of this adult scene could be considered somewhat familiar, too – yet with the biggest difference that, as it befits the VR Bangers’ style, the VR porn movie is way more sexy and it contains ... Read More
Performance anxiety? VR porn can help Added: 2019-08-27 06:19:20 Are you unable to perform to your best in bed? Are you unhappy with your sex life and looking for a solution? Well, we might have just found it. No, no, this isn’t one of those pill-popping advertisements. In fact, its much more simpler and with no side effects. Ever heard of the term, ‘practice makes perfect’? If yes, then have you considered, the same can be applied to sex. It you aren’t being able to ‘hold your own’ or finishing before your partner, then all you need might be some practice. We understand that practicing sex is a bit more harder than practicing your guitar but VR porn offers the right tools. See, jacking off to porn is one thing but penetrating a warm, juicy vagina is something t... Read More
Stripping is the new anal in VR porn Added: 2019-08-22 05:18:59 There was a time when anal was only performed by a select few in the industry. As a result, anal sex scenes were something cherished and coveted but not always possible. However, as fans started to like scenes more that featured them, studios started pushing for more anal titles. Over the last few years, there have been increased awareness regarding anal.As a result, more and more performers have been able to experiment and accept it. However, the lure of it has faded and does not command the same wow factor. When VR porn was first came onto the scene, it was a bit difficult to shoot anal scenes specifically due to positioning and technical challenges.However, as the camera rigs evolved, performers are now able to carry out a variety of positions, in... Read More
What's the next step for VR porn? Added: 2019-08-20 06:02:58 VR porn has evolved rapidly in the space of only a few years. Virtual Reality first began as something straight out of a sci-fi movie. It was the stuff of dreams for geeks and gamers. In fact, other than tech en-thusiasts, there was very little passion for VR amongst the general public.However, as the first iteration of VR headset was released, porn creators and studios took the plunge. To-day, as much as 50% of entire revenue generated in VR is from porn. Not only that, the global revenue is expected to hit $1 billion, up from $17 million in 2017. Currently, there are as many as 150 million VR headset users in the world. While this is no strange occurrence, as porn has always been the driver in adopting new technologies in-cluding VHS, DVD and ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #31: How to Get Your First Million? Well, According to Anya Ivy, You Should… Added: 2019-08-19 03:28:06 Who would not like to become a millionaire, right?! These days, the world is all about money, and it is no wonder that most of us would do just anything to have more and more of it – yet even though we all would like to become so rich, if it was that easy to achieve, then everyone would have done that already. They say that the biggest problem is to get your first million and that after that it only becomes easier and easier – and today, VR Bangers – the makers of VR porn scenes known worldwide for introducing 6K ultra high definition to their VR porn experiences as the very first in the adult industry – together with Anya Ivy are trying to answer the question: what do you have to do to get your first million?According to VR Bangers ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #30: You’re Gonna Get Paid in Nature by Anny Aurora… as Long as You Own a VR Headset! Added: 2019-08-13 02:58:08 Were you enjoying the biology classes back in the day when you were going to the high school? The problem with this school subject is – in contrast with other classes like mathematics, physics or chemistry – that it is almost impossible to practice it within the school conditions, and you have to rely heavily on just the stuff that can be read in the books. One of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers – the company known worldwide for introducing their virtual reality porn experiences in 6K ultra high definition VR as the very first in the adult VR market – decided to change that today, using the benefits of their sophisticated technology to give you one of the most practical lessons in your entire life.Even though you mig... Read More
Will one day sex with AR avatar provide exactly the same feelings as normal human being Added: 2019-08-01 03:17:44 With technology moving forward rapidly in leaps and bounds, it is a very real possibility that one day we might not need actual human contact to have sex. Find this credulous? Let’s take a look at where we stand currently. VR has already made great strides to bring our favourite pornstars into our bedrooms. Quite literally. It’s the first time ever that you can watch porn in life-size images. Not only that, they are shot in 3D environment, which means that everything feels more real and immersive.Taking it a step further, AR is looking to mesh VR and real-life elements. Early release of AR porn content shows real-life performers offering content in real-life environment as against 3D digital environment in VR. For example, watching a hot por... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #29: Gia Derza is “In It For The Money”? Find Out What Does That Mean with VR Bangers! Added: 2019-07-29 14:28:10 Joining the adult industry can be both somewhat challenging and requiring for a young, wannabe adult model, as becoming a professional pornstar requires a lot of talent and an incredibly good looks – but, on the other hand, there are many different professions in the world that are even more demanding and not everyone will be good enough to join them. VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers who introduced 6K ultra high definition to their virtual reality porn experiences as the very first in the business – decided to pick one of those professions with an extremely hard “entry barrier” in their latest sexy VR porn scene with a beautiful teen model, Gia Derza.We are talking here about profession no other than becoming... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #28: Take an Erotic Bath with Sexy Karma Rx in Immersive Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-07-29 14:27:51 Even though having sex in a bath is by far not one of the most enjoyable ways of doing that – and if you have ever tried it, you will certainly agree with us – when done in porn, it always looks incredibly erotic and sensual, and turns out to be one of the most sought-after and favorite sexual fantasies of the community of adult movies’ viewers. VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn videos’ makers – acknowledge that fact in their newest virtual reality porn movie in 6K ultra high definition, inside of which the makers invite all their members for a soaking-wet session with their beautiful VR model.In the Steam Boat Delight – the newest VR porn scene produced with a super-hot VR porn star, Karma Rx – shiny bubbles have taken... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #27: Cheers! Let’s Have A Drink and Spend Some Quality Time with Sexy Ella Nova, Shall We? Added: 2019-07-22 05:24:17 We all like to visit a bar and spend some time when drinking some tasty drinks and flirting with that sexy bartender, do not we? Spending your free time in such a way is always pleasurable and even if you are not a hardcore booze lover, you could still appreciate some decent company in a similar place – and one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, are about to provide you with the best of the best such drinking partners.In the latest VR porn video from these world-famous VR porn producers – who achieved their popularity by introducing their VR porn movies in 6K ultra high definition virtual reality as the very first in the VR adult market – called “Cheers!”, the makers have set up a really nice meeting between their... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #26: Visit the Red Light District Without Leaving Your Home – Through the Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-07-15 10:44:53 If you are “cruising” around the adult industry, then it is more than certain that you have heard about the place called the Red Light District in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Even though going to Europe and spending a night in this world-famous European metropolis of brothels and escorting could have seemed to be unachievable for most of us until now, thanks to novelties granted by new technologies and professional virtual reality porn producers like VR Bangers, these times have just changed once and for all. In the newest VR porn scene produced by the makers mentioned above – VR Bangers known worldwide for introducing 6K ultra high definition to their virtual reality porn as the very first in the VR adult movies business – the studio... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #25: Jasmine Grey Tries to Prove in Virtual Reality That She’s Better than Any Other Porn Star! Added: 2019-07-07 17:54:44 It would be probably extremely stupid to ask any guy if his girlfriend is equally good at sex to a professional porn star – and especially that not many of us have managed to fuck a pro adult movies’ actress and we do not really have a point of reference. Thanks to VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers that come up with ever-new VR porn fantasies for their growing and growing community of fans of members – you can actually at least try to compare a regular girl to a veteran adult model, as Jasmine Grey – an extremely sexy Asian goddess – will try to give you a comparison in VRB’s newest VR porn scene. Better Than A Porn Star, as the name suggests, is the latest VR Bangers’ VR porn video about something w... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #24: Celebrate the Independence Day with VR Bangers’ Promo and Their Super-sexy Sorority! Added: 2019-07-01 12:05:59 Last week we have told you that one of the premium VR porn movies makers known worldwide as VR Bangers, have just recently introduced an epic continuation of their teen virtual reality porn saga called the Sorority Hookup. With part 5 of the series being released few days ago, the producers have just announced that they are surprising their fans with a double release – giving them all a follow-up in form of a sixth VR porn scene in the set – at the same time offering them a meaningful discount on their all VR porn services as a part of their latest initiative on the occasion of the Independence Day.VR Bangers are known for being patriots and they have just finished their campaign – that was running through all three of their websites fo... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #23: Sorority Hookup is Back with Part 5 and Four New Sexy Girls! Added: 2019-06-19 02:19:51 There must be something truly unique in teenage porn that most of the guys will always choose this category over adult videos with older babes and even more experienced MILF porn actresses. Thanks to that little excitement caused by the fact that the girl kneeling in front of you is barely 18 and her juicy pussy is still fresh – and you could be one of the first cocks inside of it – porn with college and school girls is super-popular and most of the sexually active males will always reach for it as a priority. One of the premium VR porn movies’ brands, VR Bangers, is well-aware of this statistics and is regularly taking advantage of that – and today they are about to do that yet again.Even though teen VR porn is truly mesmerizing on ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #22: An Overview of the Latest Collection of VR Bangers’ Sexy Lingerie with Abby Lee Brazil! Added: 2019-06-18 03:28:49 Sexy panties, stockings, fishnets, corsets, underskirts and all other types of erotic lingerie – who does not love them? Some people say that a sexy woman wearing one of those is actually going to look better than naked – and it seems like one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, agree with that opinion in their latest VR porn scene in 6K ultra high definition. Fishnets lovers from all over the world gather, as you are about to have an amazing feast on behalf on VRBangers.com in 3D VR!In their newest production, studio has asked Abby Lee Brazil – an extremely beautiful and sought-after professional VR porn star – to do a little overview of their new lingerie collection – at the same time recording it with their soph... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #21: Maitland Ward Baxter – the #CosplayQueen Herself – is now a VR Porn Star! Added: 2019-06-11 21:06:03 Ladies and gentlemen, believe it or not, but Maitland Ward Baxter has just become a professional VR porn star – and she did that on behalf of premium VR porn videos’ makers, VR Bangers, known for introducing the 6K ultra high definition to their virtual reality porn scenes as the very first in the VR adult scenes’ industry. The girl known worldwide as “#CosplayQueen” has just starred in the VR porn film with the exact same name – and you can now wear your VR headset to feel like being in the same room with this living legend of an actress right after heading to VRBangers.com!If you have never heard her name before, please let us tell you a little something about this performer. Maitland Ward Baxter is an American model, cosplay s... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #20: Ever Been in a “Dinner with Breakfast” Situation? Now You Can in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-06-03 10:18:38 Perhaps you have never heard about something called “dinner with breakfast” – and if you have not, one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, will today try to put it into context for you – and not just by explaining it to you, but by doing that “in practice” with one of their beautiful professional VR porn stars. Regardless of whether you are hungry or not, the latest scene of this professional studio is not about eating – even though its name, Dinner with Breakfast, might suggest something else, the entire idea is completely different… and we are about to prove that to you.In this latest VR porn video – once again created in 6K ultra high definition VR resolution that VR Bangers have gotten famous of – the ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #19: Watch the Sexy Virtual Reality Auditions of VR Bangers' Got Talent! Added: 2019-05-29 03:38:01 They say that each one of us must be somehow talented and that it is only a matter of time for us to discover what it is and find out what we really are good at. Some of us may be proficient at playing instruments, others will be “god’s given” for doing sports – and one of the best premium VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, happen to be exceptionally good at coming up with the ideas for their new VR porn experiences.One of their professional VR porn stars, Paige Owens, is about to find out if she is “gifted” at something else than having sex in front of the virtual reality porn camera – even though this is the only talent that we would want her to have, the girl is more ambitious and has always wanted to be a famous singer a... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #18: Support Your Troops Together With Alina Lopez and VR Bangers! Added: 2019-05-21 11:08:33 Do we have any soldiers or veterans here? One of the premium VR porn movies’ producers, VR Bangers – the company known for introducing their virtual reality porn experiences in full 6K ultra high definition as the very first in the industry – have just recently began a huge VR porn marketing campaign for the entire American army – and today they have released a VR porn movie to bring even more attention to the troubling cause of supporting the troops by the citizens of United States.Every day we enjoy and actively benefit from the comforts that we have largely thanks to the courage and dedication of our soldiers, but most of us have never done anything to thank them. VR Bangers are aware of how neglected can members of the United Sta... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #17: New Entertainment Tax? Want to Know How to Avoid It? Wear Your VR Headset! Added: 2019-05-13 13:33:33 Attention, attention! The Internal Revenue Service hast just recently announced the introduction of a newest entertainment tax within the area of the United States of America, and from now on… Nah, we are just kidding! This could indeed sound disturbingly true, but it is just a yet another VR porn fantasy from the world-famous professional VR porn movies’ makers: VR Bangers!In the brand new VR porn scene from these technically-advanced makers (as do not forget that they were the first in the adult industry to introduce their VR porn films in full 6K ultra high definition), Lena Paul became a tax inspector and she is willing to go through your tax return all the way back and forth to investigate your financial history and to check whether... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #16: Score a “Hole In One” in Virtual Reality With Nia Nacci and VR Bangers! Added: 2019-05-08 15:28:08 Do we have any golf players here? Yes? And have you guys ever played golf in virtual reality? According to VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn movies’ makers – it is actually quite lifelike and realistic, at the same time giving you a whole lot of new capabilities ensured by a risk-free and extremely immersive VR environment. For example: would you ever say that meeting a beautiful girl and fucking her on a golf course is even possible? Well, in the world of VR Bangers it certainly is! The producers have just recently used the theme of this quite unpopular sport inside of their latest VR porn experience – once again creating a niche VR porn fantasy, coming up to the huge expectations of their community and creating something f... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #15: “Tutti Frutti Summer Love” – Now Also in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-04-29 13:48:50 Summer is right behind the corner and even if you do not feel these vibes in the air, one of the premium producers of virtual reality porn movies, VR Bangers, made sure that you will acknowledge that fact with their newest VR porn scene – as when shooting it, the makers have had that fact in mind and did their best to share the sensation with all the members of their huge community.Just like in this old Gunther’s disco song from 2005, this newest VR porn experience is all about “It's a crazy summer night, tutti frutti summer love!” – thanks to the combined forces of this professional studio and an undeniable charm of Cassie Del Isla, Tutti Frutti – as this is the name of this latest VR porn video – should successfully get you ou... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #14: Carmen Caliente Is (Kind of) Getting Married With the Use of Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-04-24 12:51:45 Is getting married to VR porn movies even possible? You don’t think so? Well, VR Bangers – one of the premium virtual reality porn videos’ makers – might have a different point of view on that, as even though they will not get you legitimately espoused with one of their virtual reality porn scenes, they have just produced one of those fantasies with a definitive wedding atmosphere and references!In Beside the Bride – their latest blonde VR porn film in 6K ultra high definition – one of the sexy VR porn stars from the family of their mesmerizing performers is about to become a professional wedding organizer, and since not everything will go according to her plan, she will have to do something to fix the problematic situation – a... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #13: Nadya Nabakova Opens the Spring Break With VR Bangers and a Tennis Match in VR! Added: 2019-04-17 08:56:57 Have you noticed how much warmer it is getting outside? Yeah, spring is right behind the corner and thus the Spring Break is coming – one of the top VR porn movies’ makers, VR Bangers, are well aware of that and hence they have prepared something very special both for new and recurring members of VRBangers.com!Apart from the entirely new VR porn scene with Nadya Nabakova – one of the hottest fresh faces in the porn business also known as Bunny Colby – called The World’s Greatest Stepdad, the producers have also prepared a yet another promo for anyone interested in buying a subscription on their website – regardless if you are a newcomer or a veteran of VR porn movies from VR Bangers.The new VR porn movie itself has been held in t... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #12: Marley Brinx Has Been Caught Red Handed in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-04-10 10:31:42 Hiring a babysitter for your descendant is never an easy task and today, one of the premium VR porn movies makers – VR Bangers – have made it even more demanding and requiring – in their latest VR porn video with Marley Brinx, it may be almost impossible for you to use your brain instead of your… other head, when picking an appropriate au pair with this hot teen VR porn star as one of your options.How could a professional VR porn performer be a babysitter at the same time? Well, everything is possible in the immersive world of virtual reality porn – with a VR headset on your head, you can make even the deepest hidden sexual dream of yours come true, and there are no limits inside of a risk-free and lifelike virtual reality environm... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #11: Jessie Lee Is Trying to Rob Your House in VR Bangers' Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-04-02 09:25:50 Have you ever been robbed? No? Good for you but watch out as inside of the latest virtual reality porn fantasy from VR Bangers – one of the premium VR porn videos’ producers known for paying their attention to quality and not quantity of their VR porn experiences – this could actually happen to you easier than you may think! Wait… what? Getting robbed through virtual reality? No way! Hello! Please somebody call the police, now!Chill out and remember that this is “only” a VR porn fantasy! On the other hand, though… Sure, this still will be “just” a VR porn scene and not a real life situation, but since the quality of virtual reality porn videos is growing with every day of their existence, given certain circumstances you mig... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #10: Katy Jayne Is a Real Atomic Blonde and She Will Prove You That in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-03-27 11:31:32 We all like these old action movies with spies, special intelligence bureaus and top-secret agents like James Bond – it is actually quite sad that these days the movie makers do not really follow these vintage trends and a good spy movie is a rather rare occurrence lately. Fortunately for us, the idea is still alive and even though it has been a while since you could go for a new Bond movie to the cinema, producers from another sectors of entertainment market still like to use this motive in their content – and yes, it also means some good old spying porn videos.In this particular case we are talking about a full of action VR porn scene from VR Bangers – one of the top VR porn movies’ makers that introduced the 6K ultra high definiti... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #9: Table for Two for You and Aria Lee Is Waiting in Virtual Reality Porn! Added: 2019-03-22 12:41:33 Regardless of whether we are talking about a tasty dinner made by our moms, an extensively unhealthy cheat meal from your favorite fast food place or just a quick bite in form of a tasty snack in the middle of the night – it is certain that we all love to eat. And do you know what food tastes the best? The one that we did not have to make on our own!It is completely normal to occasionally visit our parents and expect our mothers to prepare us some of our childhood favorites from time to time – yet in the adult life it is simply impossible to take advantage of that every day and most of the time we have to produce our own meals, unless… unless you have a girlfriend, it is. And what if you do not? Well…VR Bangers, one of the premium VR ... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #8: Celebrate the St. Patrick’s Day and Try Your Luck with Abigail Mac in Virtual Reality! Added: 2019-03-15 12:11:51 The Saint Patrick’s Day is a great occasion for many professional porn producers to create a yet another sex scene completely covered in green color and with a beautiful girl wearing a leprechaun costume – VR Bangers, the premium creators of porn videos in virtual reality, have taken that opportunity just like in the previous years, in 2019 providing us with a VR porn movie called The Luck of the Irish.If you like to celebrate the St. Patrick’s and you visit some of those all-green parties from time to time, you definitely have heard that term already – legends say that all the Irish people blessed by the Saint Patrick himself need to honor his name on that special day to make sure that their incoming year will be all generous and lu... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #7: Celebrate the International Women's Day in VR With Sabina Rogue and Vanna Bardot! Added: 2019-03-08 13:43:47 Perhaps you have completely forgotten about that, but only few days back it actually was the International Women’s Day and pretty much every single guy on the planet was supposed to honor all the ladies in his surroundings by taking them out for a dinner, buying them a memorable gift or simply gifting a romantic bouquet of flowers or just a single red rose as a proof of memory and affection.If we really have just reminded you about this event and you had no idea about it for real, it means that else your girlfriend (or wife) is incredibly pissed off at you right now, else you do not have any females around you and you simply do not care. If the first aforementioned scenario applies to you, we feel bad for you and you should probably visit a... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #6: Let Your Bad Date With Emma Hix Turn Into Something Much Better in VR! Added: 2019-02-28 08:37:36 We all know that not every blind date in the world has gone 100% according to the plan. Especially when your friends are trying to hook up you with that “awesome girl that you are going to fall in love with” whom almost every single time turns to be a rather unstable person – she does not have a boyfriend for a reason, right? It does not always have to be like that, though… and especially not in virtual reality! Thankfully, when talking about some VR porn videos – one of the most immersive and lifelike adult contents available at the moment to be experienced online – premium producers like Virtual Reality Bangers always take care of their customers’ satisfaction and there are no bad scenarios inside of high-quality VR porn f... Read More
Why Do Women Hate Porn? Added: 2019-02-28 08:35:54 Have you ever known a woman who openly admitted that she likes porn movies? Most of the ladies unfortunately express their reluctance to such films, but the reasoning behind this fact is not entirely obvious - especially that these days you can actually find some categories between free porn tube websites like Laidhub.com designed entirely for them. Below we have discussed 10 potential reasons why this may be so - read this article to the end, and maybe you will get answers to bothering questions! 1. Porn is made for men Even though free tube porn sites like Laidhub.com usually have a special category specifically dedicated to women, most porn movies are created for men - it is an irrefutable fact and, unfortunately, we can not help it, and we ... Read More
Celebrate the 3rd Anniversary of VR Bangers With an Amazing Promo and Epic VR Porn Compilation! Added: 2019-02-28 08:35:40 Did you know that VR porn is available on the adult entertainment market for almost 4 years now? Back in 2015, when virtual reality games and experiences were taking their baby steps, no one suspected how meaningful will be the impact of the development of this technology on entire adult industry – in 2018, when it turned out that VR porn movies are an important part of the future of growth and diversification of adult content online, it is almost hard to believe that in the past not too many people had hope in VR porn.One of the award-winning VR porn studios, Virtual Reality Bangers – highly acknowledged, titled and widely known in the entire adult industry – have... Read More
VR Porn Video of the Week #5: Ember Snow Is a One-of-a-kind Pornstar DJ Who Was Born to Party in VR! Added: 2019-02-22 05:35:35 Ember Snow Is a One-of-a-kind Pornstar DJ Who Was Born to Party in VR!Who does not like to rock his body on a dancefloor when dancing and raving to his favorite tracks and while picking up all the sexiest ladies that came to the club tonight? Drink some shots, hit the stage with your sick moves and go wild – this sounds like a perfect plan for the Friday’s evening, does not it? Well… if only it was that easy… Even though the aforementioned idea of how you could spend your night out can sound really encouragingly, most of the time it takes a lot of effort to get to one of those clubs – and not to mention picking up a local girl with success big enough to later take... Read More
Which VR Pornstars are the Hottest? Young or Old? Added: 2019-02-11 11:55:12 If you are here with us today and you are reading this article, there is no doubt that you indeed like to watch some porn videos – and that also means that you must have some preferences when it comes to women performing in the adult movies. They come in all sizes, ages, hair colors and ethnicities, as these days girls from all around the world can become porn stars – and that is exactly what makes this world so interesting and diversified! Today we are not going to talk about the height of these vixens, neither about their hair color, nor the country of their origin – today we ask: teen, babe or MILF porn stars? Which ones do you prefer to fap to? Teen VR Porn Stars They are young, they are fresh and usually really cute –... Read More